May 2019 Hoop Greater Seattle Shootout SBS Top Prospects

SBS Co-MVP 2020 Tari Eason, 6’8 F, ML20/Federal Way HS

SBS Co-MVP 2019 Jamon kemp, 6’6 G/F, ML20/Rainier Beach HS

2020 Marjon Beauchamp, 6’6 SG, ML20/Rainier Beach HS

2021 Paolo Banchero, 6’10 SF/PF, Seattle Rotary EYBL/O’Dea HS

2021 Nolan Hickman, 6’2 PG, Seattle Rotary EYBL/Eastside Catholic HS

2020 Kendall Munson, 6’7 PF, Seattle Rotary EYBL/Rainier Beach HS

2020 Will Abram.6’10 C, Seattle FOH/Arlington HS

2020 Jared franklin, 6’5 SF, Seattle FOH/Curtis HS

2020 Aiden Rolfs, 6’5 SG, Seattle FOH/Redmond HS


May 2019 Hoop Greater Seattle Shootout 16U SBS Top Prospects

SBS MVP 2022 Bradley Swille, 6’2 SG, Seattle Rotary EYBL/Life Christian Academy

2022 Takeo Sylvester, 6’0 PG, Seattle Rotary EYBL/O’Dea HS

2022 Tremaine Guidry, 6’0 PG, Seattle Rotary EYBL/Garfield HS

2022 Tre Blassingame, 6’3 SG, Seattle Rotary EYBL/Auburn HS

2022 Cooper Church, 6’9 C, Seattle FOH/Tahoma HS

2022 Cooper Brown, 6’5 SG, Seattle FOH/Eastlake HS

2022 Caden Harris, 6’6 SF, Team Zach Lavine/Mount SI HS

2022 Cameron Holliway, 6’5 SF, Team Zach Lavine/Skyline HS

2022 Logan Stempniak, 6’6 SF/PF, ECBA/Kentlake HS


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